Ubisoft Overhauls Rainbow Six Siege Revenue Share Program

Ubisoft has revealed details for the next phase of its Rainbow Six Siege revenue share program, which will be rebranded from the “Pilot Program” to R6 SHARE. The publisher has committed to running the program for four years in an effort to allow organizations to think long-term. Participants in the program have not yet been revealed, but R6 SHARE will include 42 organizations across the world, including all teams participating in the game’s four pro-level regional leagues.

As with previous iterations of the program, R6 SHARE will be built around the sale of in-game items and cosmetics either themed after a specific team or event. For the new program, Ubisoft has divided teams into three tiers with adaptable revenue shares and distinct requirements to move between tiers (details were not made available at time of writing). Ubisoft has identified three methods of distributing revenue to teams through the sale of these items:

  • A bundle will be released ahead of the November Six Major, with 30% of net revenue from items in the bundle contributing to the Major’s prize pool. 
  • 30% of net revenue for sets of League items will be split four ways between organizations in all tiers and a Performance Pool, which distributes additional revenue to top ranked organizations in each tier.
  • Each team-branded item sold will provide 30% of net revenue to that organization. 

These 30% figures keep R6 SHARE in line with the Pilot Program’s previous revenue share figures. The program has grown significantly, from just 10 teams in its initial incarnation to now supporting 42.

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