The International 10 prize pool reaches $20,000,000 in record time

Last night Valve confirmed and released the Battle Level
Bundle for The International 2020 Battle Pass, which includes a plethora of
levels and Immortal Treasures – and barely 24 hours later, the prize pool has
reaches twenty million Dollars.

Before the Battle Level Bundle released, the prize pool graph seemed as though it was quickly going to intersect that of last year but with the Steam Summer Sale beginning today, Valve confirmed that we would be getting some help in climbing those Battle Pass levels. The difference between the release prize pool and that of right now is quite intense, rising by around $4,000,000 in less than a day. Last year we reached the milestone of $20,000,000 in the prize pool after little over 50 days, but this year has completely smashed that record, as can be seen below.

Releasing the Battle Level Bundle yesterday seems like it was the perfect timing from Valve and even though it is limited to only two purchases per a customer, we can see that the prize pool has sky rocketed after less than a day. With three days still left to purchase the bundle, we expect to that the graph will only begin to plateau after Monday and there’s a chance we will possibly see the prize pool even break the $25,000,000 barrier too – depending on sales.

For now, we are sure that Valve are also frantically working
to release the Windranger Arcana, considering the massive spike and,
considering how amazing the Queen of Pain Arcana is, we have high hopes for the
next one. The Battle Bundle will remain on sale until Monday morning, July 29th,

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