The Battle Level Bundle is out NOW

As The International 10 prize pool gets extremely close to
intersecting with last year’s graph, Valve have decided to release the Battle Level
Bundle, just in time to hopefully make the prize pool sky rocket.

While we have already seen the prize pool for TI10 climbing to above $15,000,000 and even breaking the $16,000,000 mark earlier today, it still has been a rather slow climb – and the graph was dangerously close to dropping below last years. But, as the Steam Summer Sale begins tomorrow, Valve have also decided to grace us with the Battle Level Bundle, which gives a plethora of levels at a greatly discounted price.

Announced via the Dota 2 Blog, Valve confirmed that the Battle Level Bundle will be available from now until the morning of Monday, June 29th, 2020, giving players a chance to claim 120 levels, nine Immortal Treasure I, six Immortal Treasure II and three Immortal Treasure III for only $29,99. As always, 25% of each sale will be added to the prize pool and only two bundles can be purchased per an account.

This battle bundle could push the prize pool up to massive
amounts, as it has often done in years prior and with aspects such as the Queen
of Pain Arcana, Personas and the Windranger Arcana – which we have yet to see,
all unlocked between level 100 and 600, the battle bundle is the perfect purchase.
And with month end coming soon, Valve could not have had a better timing too –
although the battle bundle was released on the same day last year too. We will
continue to watch the prize pool over the weekend to see just how much this
development adds and maybe we will even see it breaking the $20 Million Dollar
mark, if things go well.

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