Tencent Esports to Invest $14.5M to Reinforce Peacekeeper Elite Esports Ecosystem, Includes a $2M Global Championship Event

Leo Liao, marketing director of Tencent Interactive Entertainment Group and president of Peace Elite League Union (PEL), announced at the Tencent Global Esports Summit this week that the company will invest¥100M RMB ($14.5M USD) in boosting the esports ecosystem of Peacekeeper Elite, the Chinese version of PUBG MOBILE

Liao said that the PEL Union will operate a revenue-sharing strategy for all esports teams and multi-channel network (MCN) partners. In the future, Peacekeeper Elite esports will have an annual global championship competition called “G-League” featuring a $2M prize pool. Liao confirmed that it will be hosted between 2020-2021. 

The updated Peacekeeper Elite esports ecosystem is as follows:

  • Peacekeeper Elite New-power (PEN) is the second-tier professional league.
  • PEL is China’s top Peacekeeper Elite league, similar to  League of Legends Pro League (LPL).
  • Peacekeeper Elite Championship (PEC) is the international competition between Chinese teams and international teams.
  • G-League, the top Peacekeeper Elite tournament, is similar to the League of Legends World Championship.

Liao also unveiled the plan for this year’s PEC; the company will host the competition in conjunction with tournament organizer VSPN in Shanghai Eastern Sports Center from Nov.13-15. The competition will also be in partnership with China Unicom 5G technology and Shanghai Juss Sports. Further details on the competition were not disclosed.

On Aug. 23 PEL Season 2 concluded at VSPN Esports Center in Xi’an. Chinese Peacekeeper Elite team NV-XQF won the competition and took home ¥1M ($145K) in prize money. Liao told The Esports Observer that the company has seen an improvement in the viewership of PEL Season 2.

Speaking about how the company will deal with next year’s media rights of the new Peacekeeper Elite esports ecosystem, Liao said, “Whether Bilibli or other platforms, we [Tencent Esports] actually have not completely operated into the negotiation plan of media rights yet, We now focus on the improvement in the [Peacekeeper Elite] ecosystem.”

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