Team Liquid and Marvel celebrate their one-year partnership with new X-men and Avengers apparel

Avengers, assemble.

While you may not be able to scale roofs, sling spiderwebs, or take down criminals, you can still dress the part.

Team Liquid and Marvel are commemorating their one-year partnership with exclusive gear inspired by X-men and The Avengers, hitting their virtual store at 2pm CT. The collection will include jerseys, hoodies, and zip jackets based on heroes like Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, and Spider-Man.

“For some, the journey seems like it has no end, no light, no more fight to give,” according to the trailer. “It’s in those trying times that heroes are born.”

The capsule will feature a number of jerseys, priced at $84, and hoodies going for $99. And the majority of heroes will have their look imprinted on two types of clothing. The new Thor merch, for example, will come in a hoodie and jersey.

The monumental Liquid x Marvel collaboration began a year ago, bringing the world of esports and comics together. The partnership continued with a Black Widow collection in April, teasing the upcoming movie that was pushed back until November due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Liquid fans can expect to see their favorite teams put on the exclusive merch as early as this weekend.

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