T1 and Adroit survive the first elimination round at ONE Esport Dota 2 SEA League

After the upper bracket action of yesterday at ONE Esports
Dota 2 Southeast Asia League, it was time for some elimination matches as we
headed to the first round of the lower bracket with Team Adroit, BOOM Esports,
T1 and New Esports all fighting for their tournament lives.

For the first elimination series of the day we would see
BOOM and Adroit going head-to-head, with the victorious squad moving forward to
face off against Geek Fam in the next lower bracket round. While Adroit’s group
stage was filled with a plethora of tied series, their single loss was at the
hands of BOOM, who would be looking to repeat their performance from then. Game
one saw Adroit taking the early lead, but as the game continued, BOOM was able
to destroy their opponents with some fantastic outplays – which secured the
first win.

However, an extremely poor draft from BOOM in game two would see them only manage a total of five kills in a little under half an hour, as Adroit tied things up and took things to a decisive game three. With Terrorblade, Shadowfiend and Vengeful Spirit in their draft, Adroit were almost entirely unstoppable when it came down to it, leaving BOOM in the dust and closing out the series 2-1. For BOOM, their ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA League venture ends there, while Adroit will have to dig deep to get past Geek Fam tomorrow.

In the second series for the day, we would see T1 and New Esports trying to stay in the event. New Esports surprised many when they came out fighting in the group stages, even managing to take outright wins over Neon Esports and T1. Now, with their tournament lives on the line, they would be hoping to have the same result – while T1 would be hoping to turn things around. New struggled to find any foothold in game one, succumbing to T1 in under half an hour, but their game two was immaculate. With a Zeus from Ng ‘YamateH’ Wei Poong, New obliterated their opponent in the mid-to-late game, never giving T1 a way to close out the series.

A final and decisive third game would see the chance for some huge Grimstroke combinations to come out from T1 but the New lineup was well prepared. By the time 20-minutes had passed, T1 had fallen nearly 20,000 behind in net worth as New destroyed them at ever turn. However, T1 never gave up and in their attempts to defend their high ground, they found an opening and begun to turn everything around with Galvin Kang ‘Meracle’ Jian Wen’s Anti-Mage becoming an unstoppable force. With no way to fight, New had no choice but to throw in the towel, giving T1 a 2-1 series victory.

The win for T1 means that they will march forward in the
lower bracket where their next opponent will be Neon Esports tomorrow in the lower
bracket. Unfortunately for New, they do not survive the first round of
eliminations and will be eliminated. ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA League returns
tomorrow with more lower bracket action and two more teams eliminated.

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