steel to leave CS:GO to pursue VALORANT – report

Joshua “Steel” Nissan will be making the move from professional Counter-Strike to VALORANT. This informations comes from a report by DBLTAP which states the CS:GO veteran has made the decision to leave the game behind.

It is also expected that Edgar “MarKE” Maldonado will be the player stepping into the roster. Given steel’s role as the in-game leader for the team, a new player will need to step up to the role. It makes the most sense that Anthony “vanity” Malaspina to take the mantle of IGL given his experience with the position, having done it for eUnited.

steel played for a plethora of teams during his time in Counter-Strike to include iBuyPower, Team Dignitas, Ghost, Chaos. iBuyPower would be where things went south as he was one of several members of the team who were part of a match-fixing scandal that resulted in his permanent ban from Valve sponsored events. Up until July 2017 when ESL revealed they would allow it, he and the other players found guilty of match-fixing were also unable to play in many other events.

Chaos has hit the top 20 in the HLTV rankings for the first time after a recent run of success over the past few months and seems like steel has decided this is his time to leave.

With VALORANT kicking off in pretty positive fashion and many organizations looking for players as they hope to join the scene, it seems a future in the title with which he could attempt to compete in the biggest and most prestigious events has drawn 30-year-old to the game.

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