Singapore Sets Up Esports and Gaming Trade Body

Singapore has set up a trade body to monitor and develop gaming and esports in the region called the Singapore Games Association (SGGA). The trade body will also look to support and promote local game developers.  An official statement made by the organization said that it was created with an aim to create a sustainable games and esports ecosystem, as well as put the local sector on the world map.

The SGGA will build upon the work done by the Singapore Games Guild (SGG), which was a non-profit founded in 2017 and a sister organization of the International Games Development Association (IGDA|SG). While the SGG  was more focused on supporting locally created games, the SGGA will take on an expanded role as an enabler to support the full spectrum of the gaming and esports industry. 

The announcement also spoke of SGGA’s long-term plans including the formulation and administration of Singapore’s first accreditation scheme for the gaming and esports industry, and organizing programs to raise professional standards and community engagement. One such initiative is Singapore Esports, managed under SGGA to provide holistic development, and position Singapore as a country of choice for international esports tournaments and events. 

The non-profit, membership-based association also will look to empower members to network with local and international gaming and esports associations, organizations and businesses, to promote best practices and explore global opportunities. Upcoming plans include working with the organizers of gamescom Asia to showcase made-in-Singapore games in the digital version of gamescom this month. Workshops and capability development programs to support professional growth are also in the pipeline to support the gaming and esports industry’s need for a steady stream of highly-skilled, innovative and creative talent. 

The association will be chaired by industry veteran Gwen Guo, co-founder and creative director of Imba Interactive, a game audio services studio based in Singapore. Gwen will work alongside Vice-Chairperson Elicia Lee, the managing director of Eliphant, which specializes in game marketing, events, live stream production, and esports in Asia.

In the third quarter of 2020, SGGA will launch its paid membership program, which is open to all companies registered in Singapore, as well as Singapore-based individuals including freelancers. Association members will receive special rates and access to SGGA initiatives, including local and overseas event participation, focus groups, networking opportunities, resources, training courses and benefits through SGGA’s partner network. 

The Association is also seeking patrons who are keen to contribute to industry initiatives and volunteers across multiple roles. More information can be found on the SGGA website.      

As part of its goal to build a steady pipeline of talent for the industry, SGGA will curate and organize more than ten workshops across a range of topics including gaming, esports, and business management for startups in its first year. Other initiatives include engaging with educational institutions, SMEs and corporations to facilitate training and hiring of talent, addressing misconceptions about gaming and esports, and raising awareness on the career opportunities in the games industry. 

Shounak Sengupta is a staff writer for AFK Gaming.

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