Quincy Crew sweep Thunder Predator to take the ESL One Thailand: Americas title

Quincy Crew won the Americas division of ESL One Thailand: Online after a clean 7-0 run through the playoff lower bracket. The grand finals brought us a best-of-five battle between North and South America representatives, Thunder Predator making it to the final act via upper bracket matches.

Despite reaching the grand finals undefeated, Thunder Predator were no match for Quincy Crew who stomped them 3-0 to claim the title and the $28,000 prize for the first place in the Americas division. After a 35-minute-long first game of the series where TP had a glimmer of hope in starting the series with a win due to their Troll Warlord match-up for Yawar “YawaR” Hassan’s Morphling, the second game was a complete stop coming to a close in just 15 minutes with QC having an over 10K networth lead.

The final match of the series featured the powerful meta combo Tiny – Darkseer coming from QC who also ran a safe lane Windranger to seal the deal with a cursing 3-0 victory. 

ESL One Thailand wasn’t the smoothest tournament run for the NA representatives, at time QC having to play with Johan “pieliedie” Åström and Petu “Peksu” Vaatainen standing in. They didn’t have their captain, Avery “SVG” Silverman with them through half of the group stage matches, but they still managed to claim the top seed with an overall 6-1 series score. The first big defeat came in the opening round of the upper bracket playoffs where they got bested 2-0 by 4 Zoomers, but once they dropped in the lower bracket, QC found their stride and crushed opposition to end the event with an impressive 7-0 run through elimination series.

ESL One Thailand marks their fifth championship title in a row and their star offlane player Rodrigo “Lelis” Santos is definitely a top contender for the Mercedes Benz MVP award.

If you missed Quincy Crew’s incredible lower bracket run at ESL One Thailand, you can catch them in the OMEGA League Americas competition where they reached the upper bracket playoffs with a commendable 8-1 game score in the group stage. Their first playoffs match is scheduled to start at  4 pm CT on August 31/ 23:00 CEST.

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