Politician Calls on India Prime Minister Modi to Ban Battlegrounds Mobile India – The Esports Observer

In the letter, he points out that Krafton has hired former employees of Tencent, and therefore is still somehow serving as a pawn of the Chinese government, despite the fact that Krafton has launched a division dedicated to India that stores its data within the country. He is calling for a ban on the game in India similar to what happened to PUBG Mobile in September of 2020.  

Krafton has not publicly commented on the letter. Battlegrounds Mobile India was announced last month by Krafton but still does not have an official release date (though some influencers in India claim it will release by the end of the month).

While it’s not officially confirmed, it is expected that tournament organizer and gaming company NODWIN Gaming will play a major role in the new game’s esports development; Nodwin received a $22.5M USD investment from Krafton in March.

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