Ninja is now live on YouTube


The wait is finally over—Ninja is live on YouTube.

The Fortnite star posted a link to his YouTube channel today, announcing his first stream on the platform at 12pm CT. He currently has over 130,000 viewers. Ninja is reportedly in negotiations with multiple platforms but has not exclusively signed to any, according to esports journalist Rod “Slasher” Breslau.

The streamer became a free agent after Mixer shut down last month, opting not to negotiate with Facebook Gaming.

The star left Twitch last year because of licensing issues, believing Mixer would help him grow his brand. But less than a year later, Ninja got a huge payout reportedly worth $30 million and the opportunity to potentially earn back his massive following on a new platform.

Rumors of the star’s move to YouTube began when Ninja publicly posted a “test” stream on his channel yesterday. Many fans believed it was an accident since there was no thumbnail, title, or updated description. The stream was made private only minutes later.

There’s still another big fish who’s yet to sign with a streaming platform. Shroud was lured away from Twitch by a lucrative offer from Mixer last year. But with Microsoft closing the streaming service’s operations, the former CS:GO pro now has plenty of options.

Shroud also opted out of negotiations with Facebook Gaming. Since the streamer has no bad blood with Twitch, he’d likely be welcomed back by fans and the company with open arms. But YouTube may test its luck with an enticing offer.

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