INTZ and LG Announce New Gaming Facility in Brazil

Brazilian esports organization INTZ and sponsor LG announced a gaming facility in São Paulo. Under a two-year agreement with LG, the South-Korean electronics brand will provide the infrastructure for the training center, plus an undisclosed sponsorship fee in exchange for brand exposure with the Brazilian team. LG’s Product and Trade Marketing Manager Gustavo Yoshida provided The Esports Observer with details about the new facility and the partnership with INTZ.

“We already used to invest in the gaming market, but over time it became very hyped, with many non-endemic companies investing in it, and we realized the change that this market was undergoing,” Yoshida told TEO. “Therefore, some values and principles were lost within it, and we noticed that, of course, in different contexts, there were a lot of ‘check-writing’ companies, which arrived with its high budget, spent the money but did not create any purpose. So, together with a synergy that we created with INTZ over the long time we have been observing it, we wanted to position LG as a reference company that really supports the market growth. And within this vision, we realized that no company had yet made an investment to improve the structure of a team, to help the athletes and the management of it.”

Branded the LG Gaming Facility, it is located at INTZ’s headquarters in São Paulo. The two-year agreement for 2020 and 2021, Yoshida says, is unusual for LG, which prefers to work with shorter deals of one-year or six-month periods. The structure has been built over the first year and is now ready for use, according to Yoshida, who also said the COVID-19 pandemic was the reason for the delay in the announcement of the project.

“COVID-19 greatly hampered the progress of the project. INTZ follows the rules in relation to this health crisis and the operational maintenance part was delayed a lot, and also LG had a retraction in the matter of accelerating some projects. So it was a downturn on both sides which delayed the operational part of reforming the infrastructure.”

Yoshida says that LG has opened its whole catalog for the project, providing the facility with features including monitors, TVs, soundbars, microwaves, computers, refrigerators, washing machines, Bluetooth speakers, and air conditioning. A house-control system with artificial intelligence is also set to be installed in 2021. The structure may be sold to interested organizations depending on the sales department, but Yoshida says that his side is completely committed to INTZ.

When asked why LG chose INTZ as the ideal partner for the project, Yoshida says that the company “observed the big quantity of fans and the way they treated those fans, highly focusing on the fanbase engagement. We saw that it was a way to generate valor with the team,” and that “INTZ is focused on making their players better and ready to be champions rather than spending a lot to hire big consolidated stars. We believe in that, that we need to bring good principles to build competitive teams, so this was also one of the factors that gave me the confidence to make this decision.”

He also revealed that LG will have a special room in the facility to serve as a strategic space for meetings with representatives from the gaming market: “so instead of receiving them in the actual LG headquarters where everything is formal, we can welcome them in a much lighter atmosphere and make them feel more comfortable.”

Regarding the results achieved through the partnership with the organization, Yoshida highlights the impressions the LG brand got with the good performance achieved by INTZ in recent tournaments. Its League of Legends (LoL) team won the second split of the Brazilian League of Legends Championship (CBLoL) in 2020, securing it a spot at this year’s League of Legends World Championship (Worlds 2020), held in Shanghai, China, and broadcast worldwide.

INTZ is not the only esports organization investing in a new training center in São Paulo. Earlier this year, the Brazilian teams Havan Liberty and FURIA, and the Argentinian Isurus, also revealed to TEO that their own facilities in the city are underway.

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