How TSM Expanded from a Single Esports Team to Multi-Vertical Media Company

In 2019 Swift bought the Blitz esports desktop app, which has since branched from League of Legends to Teamfight Tactics and, most recently, VALORANT. Other esports organizations are similarly placing bets on player tools, such as T1 recently investing in gaming assistant tool Mobalytics.

Prior to joining TSM in 2018, Sive had spent 11 years at ESPN, seeing how U.S. sports franchises branched themselves out on the media landscape. He then spent two years with advisory firm Catalyst Sports and Media, which he said helped him understand what TSM would need to do to offer similar services. 

“If teams succeed [competitively], that’s good for TSM, the ecosystem, and the leagues we’re participating in,” he said. “But it would be wise for them to consider what ancillary avenues they’re going down to enable what they want to do.” 

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