How to vote and tune in to the 2020 LoL All Star event – Daily Esports

Riot Games’ League of Legends All Star 2020 event has opened its door for voting before pro players face each other next month. The annual All Star event invites pros from every region to join in on a global competition from December 18 to 20. These scheduled matches happen right after the World Championship, keeping fans excited and engaged within the League of Legends esports scene.

Beginning on Friday, December 18, fans will watch their favorite players in brand new temporary “dream teams” composed of five top-voted pros. These matches will engage players to fight against their neighboring regions, eventually in smaller ones as well. Starting November 9, fans can officially vote for pros from several competitive leagues, respective to their roles. Voters may notice a few notable players missing from the voting options. This is simply because some NA and EU pros have elected to not attend this year’s event for various reasons.

Aside from featuring pros, the matches will also include a group of top five influencers, known as “Queue Kings.” Additionally, Riot Games has released a set schedule for the event, which will be taking place completely online due to COVID-related restrictions.

2020 League of Legends All Star Schedule

Underdog Uprising – Friday, December 18

  • LCK vs PCS, OCE, LPL Nexus Blitz,
  • LPL vs LJL, VCS
  • LEC vs TCL, LCL, LCS

LCK & LPL – Saturday, December 19