G2 Perkz takes a break from competing

This Summer Split 2020, G2 Esports and their legend, Luka “Perkz” Perković, did not have their best start in LEC.

The first week (which was a three-day-week), G2 Esports won the first game of the season against Mad Lions but lost both games against Origen and Team Vitality.

Later in the second week, we could see again the stomping G2 Esports we were used to, and the current European champions won both games against Schalke 04 and Rogue.

This weekend, we witnessed a weird performance by them. On Friday, they lost their game against SK Gaming.

It is true that the German team did some changes in their roster and Coaching Staff, and they are performing much better than the last split, but that game should have been an easy victory for the 3 times in a row European Champion. SK Gaming could only win 4 games in Spring Split.

Still, G2 Esports lost a new game against a less talented team, but they absolutely redeemed themselves on Saturday, in the greatest match in Europe’s history: G2 Esports vs Fnatic.

That match was a stomp. The fastest victory in LEC Summer Split, and it was against their biggest enemy.

The performance of Perkz was remarkable. He even managed to get a ‘Quadrakill‘ with Kalista and his personal score was 8/1/8.

At that moment all problems seemed to be forgotten, but suddenly something unexpected happened: G2 Esports AD Carry announced his temporal retirement from next week:

I’m so happy we won today with good performance!

I’ve been having a bit hard time dealing with stress so I will be taking a break from competing from next week so it feels really good taking a break on a very high note ??

— Luka (@G2Perkz) June 27, 2020


This decision is not a big surprise. The Croatian Sniper has been through personal problems lately. The same week that LEC Summer Split started, his father passed away.

That is one of the reasons why G2 had a bad start. Apparently, the team could not do scrims before the first game.

We still don’t know how long will it take for Perkz to come back. G2 Esports have made no announcements by now, but it looks like, in his absence,
Kristoffer “P1noy” Albao Lund Pedersen will play for him.

P1noy is a Danish AD Carry that joined G2 as a substitute at the beginning of this year. Despite he is a veteran who has been playing professional League of Legends since 2013, his new task is huge.

It does not seem easy to replace the best player in the best team…

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