Esports Marketing Veteran Hung Tran Joins CSL Esports

Collegiate esports operator CSL Esports has announced the appointment of Hung Tran as its new director of marketing. Tran will oversee the company’s marketing strategy for both its tournament properties and its work with over 1,800 college and university partners. CSL Esports also hired former Rutgers Esports VP Haleigh Durkin as marketing and social media manager.

A veteran of the esports space, Tran joins CSL Esports following a stint as VP of marketing for gaming agency ULT. He has worked on the launch of five Activision Blizzard franchise brands (Philadelphia Fusion, Paris Eternal, Paris Legion, Los Angeles Gladiators and Los Angeles Guerillas). Prior to working in esports, tran was a brand and marketing manager for the Philadelphia Flyers.

With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting the ability of schools to generate revenue from traditional athletics, CSL Esports has placed a greater emphasis on providing turnkey services to partner schools. The company aims to help colleges and universities not only develop revenue-generating competitive programs, but to also build out a comprehensive esports initiative on the academic side. According to CEO Rob Johnson, the company hopes to create a clearer “path to pro” for both esports athletes and students desiring a career on the business side of the industry.

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