ESL One Thailand will pit two Thai teams against the best from Asia this August

August promises to be fully packed with tournaments hosting teams from all regions, as ESL One has just announced a new online competition for teams from Southeast Asia, China, North and South America.

ESL One Thailand will feature two major regions fighting in their own divisions. SEA and China representatives will fight under the Asia division which will host a total of 12 teams while North and South American squads will fight in the Americas division.

Asia division:

Asia division will be played from August 20 to September 6, with a total prize pool of $135,000. Eight teams from SEA and China will receive direct invites to the tournament, with four more joining from qualifier legs. Thailand will get to be represented by two local teams coming from ESL Thailand Championship, the other two slots being up for grabs for teams from China and Southeast Asia.

Asia open qualifiers will be held in two sessions, one for China and one for SEA as follows:

  • China open qualifiers: August 13-14, the winning team advances to the closed qualifiers
  • SEA open qualifiers: August 15-16, the winning team advances to the closed qualifiers

Asia closed qualifiers will be held August 17-19 with a total of four teams (2 invited, 2 coming from open brackets) fighting in a double elimination bracket, best-of-three series, bets-of-five lower and upper bracket finals for the two slots into the main event. Those interested to sign up for the open qualifiers can find all the details on the ESL One Thailand website HERE.

Americas division:

Americas will host a total of eight SA and NA teams fighting for a share of the $65,000 prize pool. Six squads will receive direct invites to the event and will be joined by other two teams coming from open and closed qualifier rounds. The main competition will be held August 8-30 with the open qualifiers happening July 28-29, followed by the closed qualifiers set for July 31- August 2. Those interested to sign up for the Americas open qualifiers can find more details HERE.

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