EHOME seem unstoppable at OGA Dota PIT Season 2: China

After managing to take down CDEC Gaming yesterday, EHOME continue
what seems like an unstoppable march forward as they go unbeaten in the group
stage of the OGA Dota PIT Season 2: China.

Group A at the OGA Dota PIT: China event features some of
the absolute best teams from the region with CDEC Gaming, PSG.LGD, Vici Gaming
and EHOME all fighting for the top spot. Although EHOME were the victors at the
recent DPL-CDA Professional League Season 1, not dropping a single series on
their path to the top, nobody really would have expected them to put up a fight
against the top teams once again. However, they did more than this when they
first took down CDEC yesterday, followed by two amazing 2-0 victories today
over LGD and VG.

With only a single game lost over the three group stage
series, EHOME are easily able to claim the top spot in Group A and secure themselves
a spot in the playoffs. In Group B, it was Invictus Gaming who showed off their
skills yesterday, but with a day off, it was time for Sparking Arrow Gaming to
hopefully find their footing in a series against Royal Never Give Up. Unfortunately
for SAG, their losses doubled as RNG were able to swiftly dismantle them to
close out a day of one-sided series.

The action from OGA Dota PIT Season 2: China returns
tomorrow with iG and RNG going head-to-head as well as CDEC facing off against
both LGD and VG.

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