eFuse Partners With Tyler ‘TeeP’ Polchow for ‘Teep’s Trials’ – The Esports Observer

Call of Duty content creator and streamer Tyler “TeeP” Polchow announced via social media that he will move his tournament series, ‘TeeP’s Trials,’ to gaming-focused social networking platform eFuse.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

In the past, Polchow worked with Boom.TV to facilitate his community-focused tournaments, but according to eFuse CEO Matthew Benson, the move to eFuse will allow ‘TeeP’s Trials’ to have “bigger prize pools” and “elevated production values.”

“It’s always special when a fan can switch seats with a streamer and compete for big dollars,” Benson told TEO. “Creator-driven tournaments are quickly becoming the premier way to engage fans and we’re committed to being the home for gaming’s can’t miss events. If you’re looking to be discovered, show us what you got.”

The first competition of ‘TeeP’s Trials’ on eFuse will take place Thursday at 1 p.m EST. The 2v2 Warzone double-elimination format tournament will feature a $20K USD prize pool.   

“It’s so important to me to engage the WZ community and give them more chances to shine,” Polchow tells TEO. “Having been there though, it’s nice to sit back, host, and take in all the action. Commentating has been a passion of mine since I stopped competing. The players always give it their all and with eFuse at the helm, it’s guaranteed to be a great show.”

Polchow, a former professional Call of Duty player/coach turned content creator, is a 2014 Call of Duty World Champion who has played for such teams as Team Envy, Evil Genuises, Leverage, and Complexity. He has also served as an analyst for the Call of Duty League.   

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