DrDisrespect calls out Treyarch for the lack of maps in Black Ops Cold War

One of the most controversial aspects of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is its lack of launch content. Featuring some of the lowest map and weapons totals in the franchise’s history, fans have reason to complain. However, the circumstances in which the game was launched must also be taken into consideration. Treyarch took over for Sledgehammer Games last year and had COVID-19 to deal with. So while some of the blame can be placed on the studio’s shoulders, some of it can be taken off. Although, streamer Guy “DrDisrespect” Beahm isn’t taking any of the blame away from Treyarch.

DrDisrespect upset with Black Ops Cold War map count

Currently, there are nine maps in Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer. Nuketown ’84 was added last week to increase the count by one but nine is still a dreadful number. The variety in maps is virtually nonexistent, as you’ll likely play each of the maps back-to-back every few matches.

Nuketown ’84 was released last week. Image via Activision

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Naturally, the community is getting frustrated and bored with the same maps over and over again. However, DrDisrespect personally called out Treyarch in a recent stream, saying the game needed “at least 15 maps” at launch.

While playing competitive Search and Destroy matches with Team Summertime, Doc went into more detail about the game’s maps. Like most of the community, DrDisrespect feels the game getting stale with so few maps.

As a former map designer for Call of Duty, the streamer knows what goes into the process of releasing maps. However, the aforementioned circumstances need to be taken into account, as it almost definitely affected the final map count.

Aside from that, Doc is enjoying Black Ops Cold War. His and the community’s enjoyment could increase with Season 1, though. According to recent leaks, the new installment will release two to three Multiplayer maps. Also, the popular Gunfight mode will launch and bring additional maps. Perhaps Doc will design another Gunfight map like he did last year with Modern Warfare.

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