Dota 2 patch 7.27c brings buffs to Bloodseeker and Razor; nerfs to Clinkz and Underlord

Just a couple of days after Dota 2 patch 7.27b was released with changes to over a 100 heroes, patch 7.27c has been released to bring a bit of balance, especially to the heroes that saw major changes being incorporated. The new patch adds a few buffs to the changed Bloodseeker and Razor, while Clinkz and Underlord, who seemed quite powerful after their changes, have been brought down a notch. Broodmother, Chaos Knight and Spectre have also been looked at in this balance patch. The entire set of changes can be found here.


The reworked Bloodseeker will surely take time to get used to and as the days go on, players will realize the small things that they will need to do differently to get the most out of BS. So it’s not surprising that his pick rate shot up after patch 7.27b, but his win rate went down.

But while that happens, Valve and IceFrog also realized that the blood hound does require a few buffs for his new form to pick up the steam, and threw a few additional buffs his way. The biggest ones from this patch will be the reduced self damage 0.2% can be a pretty big number late in the game, especially when Bloodrage is used multiple times on high HP heroes. Over the total duration, it’s 1.6%. The second major buff is the increased creep kill heal. The buff has been applied to all levels of the skill, making life easier for Bloodseeker in the laning stage.


Clinkz was reverted back to his old form, the one he had before before patch 7.20, and that his suddenly spiked up his win rate. Not only did he get reverted back, but his old Scepter ability (half of it), was added as a level 10 talent, which gives that talent an approximate worth of 2100 gold. Also, the old ultimate is still available as a Scepter upgrade skill. It’s no surprise that win rate shot up.

Three of his four skills have been nerfed, mostly during the early levels, which makes him less of a threat during the laning stage. Early pickoff potential will be hampered becuase of patch 7.26c, but considering only Strafe has been nerfed at level 4, Clinkz should still remain to be one of the strong heroes of the patch.

Considering that 7.27 is a big patch with many changes, expect to see more balance changes in the next few weeks. The potential of the patch will be tested in the upcoming tournaments, with OGA Dota PIT Season 2 and ESL One Thailand just on the horizon.

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