Call of Duty: Warzone Twitch streamer fires real gun after dying in-game

Late last night, one of the more perplexing and terrifying Twitch clips in recent memory popped up on social media. A small-time streamer was playing a game of Duos on Call of Duty: Warzone battle royale. The stream was apparently going on as normal, with the two players on stream cracking jokes and eliminating enemies. However, the stream took a turn for the worse when the broadcaster died in-game. While waiting for his teammate to buy him back at a Buy Station, the broadcaster went to a window in his home and fired a real pistol into the night.

Warzone streamer takes anger out by firing real gun

The insane clip of this incident started making waves last night on social media. Posted to Reddit by numerous accounts, the clip can be slightly disturbing to watch if you’re not particularly fond of loud noises. While the clip can be seen below, watch at your own discretion.

  • Guy fires entire gun mag out his bedroom window after dying on Call Of Duty