Call of Duty streamer banned from Twitch after showing hacks on stream

The old saying “cheaters never win” has been proven yet again. A Twitch streamer by the handle of “TwistedBear” was caught dead to rights using a form of wallhacks. He was broadcasting Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and playing some matches of Search and Destroy. However, unbeknownst to him, his viewers were able to see the wallhacks he had installed. Like with any form of this cheat, TwistedBear could see outlines of the enemies through walls and was able to call out their locations to his teammates. After the hacks were seen, it wasn’t long before Twitch issued a permanent ban on his channel.

Call of Duty cheater caught in the act

While this isn’t the first time something like this has happened on Twitch, it’s still a rare occurrence. It’s not often you see someone broadcast themselves cheating, and it’s even more uncommon to actually see the hacks on screen.

Within Call of Duty, however, an incident of this nature hasn’t really occurred, at least on Twitch. Since the resurgence in popularity in playing on PCs following Call of Duty: Modern Warfare though, cheating has become more rampant in online matches.

Players have suspected cheating increases in both Warzone and Modern Warfare since the early seasons. As TwistedBear proved, the hacks are extremely powerful and can be installed by just about anyone with some extra money. You can take a look at the hacks used by the banned streamer below.

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After this clip went viral on Twitter and Reddit, Twitch was able to quickly ban the channel. Presumably, Infinity Ward will follow suit and ban TwistedBear’s Call of Duty account.

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