Blacklist International talk improvement, Aura, their most vocal player, and more [Interview]

VPEsports had the chance to talk with Blacklist International ahead of Season 6 of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League – Philippines.

In this interview the Blacklist International roster talks about their previous season, improvements, who they’d pick as a sixth player, Aura PH’s domination, and more.

VPEsports: What is the biggest takeaway you had after last season in terms of your team’s performance and improvement?

Blacklist International: We started strong but we got into trouble in the middle of the regular season because of the sudden change of meta (funnel strategy) which we are not comfortable with. But we were able to adjust just in time to secure our playoffs slot.

VPEsports: If MLBB moved to six players and you could pick ANY player to join your lineup, who would you pick? Why?

Blacklist International: NoTail.. I think he really fits in our team.

VPEsports: The Aura PH (formerly Sunsparks) lineup has cemented itself as the best team in the region. What do you think their strengths are that set them apart from the rest? How can you improve to compete with them?

Blacklist International: It’s their brotherhood that makes them strong.. Not just their gameplay but it’s how their attitudes and personality fit with each other. Practice and camaraderie.

VPEsports: Which member of Blacklist International is the most vocal and which is the most quiet? Does this cause any conflict?

Blacklist International: Most vocal- aqua. Most quiet- Archi. No conflict.. their feeling is mutual.

VPEsports: Which team do you like playing the most and why? Same for which team you dislike playing?

Blacklist International: Execration, Aura, Bsb, those teams that want nonstop action.

SGD because its like Mayweather’s boxing.. hit and don’t get hit (playsafe).

VPEsports: What is your team’s best composition of heroes?

Blacklist International: 3 meta hero + 2 exotic hero.

VPEsports: Do you think Season 6 results will be skewed at all due to not being played on LAN? Why or why not?

Blacklist International: Yes.. some players have stage fright, they can’t play with their full potential while other players boost up their confidence while playing on stage.

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