Better looking items for the Dota 2 Fall 2020 collection

Valve announced a Fall 2020 Call to Arms for Dota 2 workshop artists with increased polygon budget for items.

In the announcement made on Steam, the game developer encourages the artists to use all their imagination in creating a fall collection and have an open mind regarding the possible events that could be suited for their creations. The workshop artists are free to theme their creations around the Fall season, or Halloween or around any other “innovations of their own,” states Valve in the Call to Arms announcement.

Following the TI 10 Battle Pass Collector’s Cache polygons limit issue, where some artists that have previously worked on Immortal items were able to submit Mythical sets that exceeded the polygon limits, Valve is now promising to increase the budgets for all item slots over the next couple of weeks and encourages the artists to send their feedback if they find that certain slots haven’t been sufficiently improved.

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For the players, this means that the Fall items should come with noticeable visual upgrades, particles and all sorts of custom effects. The Fall 20202 collection is also going to be a generous one in terms of new items, as Valve announces that it intends to select more submissions that they did in the past.  

The submission deadline for the Fall 2020 Call to Arms is set for the morning of Thursday, September 24th, 2020 and as per usual, the Dota 2 fans can visit the workshop regularly and vote for their favorite items.

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