AOC Amendment to Halt Military Recruitment on Twitch Defeated in House

The Army, Navy, Air Force, and National Guard have a presence in esports through sponsorships and partnerships,  and some through esports teams composed of active-duty personnel. The U.S. Marines Corp. and the Coast Guard are the exceptions to the rule: In May representatives for the Marines told that it had no interest in “gamifying” its serious approach to recruitment.

In 2020, the Army signed deals with Complexity Gaming, Call of Duty League, and Chicago Huntsmen,  while the Army National Guard partnered with World of Warcraft guild Complexity-Limit in April. The U.S. Navy has signed deals this year with  DreamHack and ESL, Twitch and DBLTAP, and partnered with Evil Geniuses to train its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive squad.

Bill H.R. 7617 will head to the U.S. Senate once all amendments are finalized and the bill is voted on by the full House. 

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